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About DucKien Hand Embroideries Company

DucKien Hand Embroidery Company was established in 1995 at An Hoa Traditional Embroidery Village. The company is famous for professionally producing for export and prefabricating embroidery products. DucKien Hand Embroidery Company’s articles include: Bed sheet , fitted sheet , duvet cover , pillowsham , pillowcase , blanket , bed skirt , baby quilt , baby bib , pumper , table cloth , table runner , centerpiece , place mat , napkin , hankerchief , curtain , guest towel , cushion cover , apron , hand bag , gift bag …etc...These articles have been exported to the US, Japan, EU countries, Canada, Australia, and other nations.

DucKien Hand Embroidery Company has a good capacity to provide both completed export products or prefabricated products at lowest costs and timely supply. Currently, the company is employing 1,100 embroidering workers inside the village and purchasing embroidery products made by 5,000 households in the neighbouring areas. The company has a strong team of professional designers who are competent enough to meet high demand of customers. The materials for our company’s production and prefabrication are 100% cotton cloth made in Vietnam or fine fabric imported from the Italy.

Not only famous for hand embroideries, DucKien company also provide machine embroideries as it owns a 300 square meters computerised embroidering workshop with 5 modern embroidering machines.

Accordingly, trading directly with us, you will surely have the finest embroidery goods at the most competitive price.


You are warmly welcome to visit our company or contact with us:

DucKien Company

Add : An Hoa craft village , Thanh Ha commune, Thanh Liem dstr, Ha Nam prv, VietNam.

Head office : Km No .05 from Phu Ly to Ninh Binh No.1A Highway .

Tel : +84 . 0351.3880.119 ; Fax : +84 . 0351.3882.408

E-mail : DucKienCoLtd@gmail.com ;


History of An Hoa - Famous Traditional Embroidery Village in Vietnam:

An Hoa is an ancient village of the Red River Delta in Viet Nam wich is very well-know for its traditional embroidery . The embroidery by hand has been invented and developed in this village since 1885. By now, An Hoa is the unique village in Nam Ha province where 100-year- know-how of traditional embroidery by hand is still reserved and brilliantly developed. An Hoa village has currently more than 1,100 embroidering workers, many of them are craftsmans . Besides, thousands of people nearby are working hard to produce fine art embroidery works for this village. To date, An Hoa’s sophisticated embroidery products have been exported to many countries and win the sympathy of the ever keen customers in the world. An Hoa is situated on the 1A Highway, about 60 km to the South of Hanoi Capital. It takes you only 1 hour to get there by car. 

VietNam Embroidery By Hand

         Add:   An Hoa Craft village, Thanh Ha, Thanh Liem, Ha Nam, VietNam
         Office:   Km No.05 from Phuly To NinhBinh - No.1A highway.
         Tel:  +84.351.3880.119 ;       Fax: +84.351.3882.408
         Email: DucKienCoLtd@gmail.com ;